Chamupa Chenuka

Chamupa Unlimited

6 April 2002 – Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

Electro house, Electronic dance music, Progressive house, Big room house, Deep house

DJ, Record Producer

Programming (music), Keyboard, Flute

2018 – Present

AirXone Musik

Chamupa Chenuka (born 06 April 2002), better known by his stage name Chamupa Unlimited, is a Sri Lankan DJ and record producer, born in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.

His hobby was listening to music all the time. So, one day he watched an EDM music video. Then he has attracted to learn about Electronic Music and Programming (music). Then that music video opened a new chapter in his life. Then he stepped in to create electronic music with his unfinished/Incomplete music track, “My Alone Face”(2018). He watched YouTube tutorials for his study in the alone. He started as a bedroom producer. Meanwhile, his music compositions were added to YouTube, SoundCloud, and many other platforms. So, over time, music became a big part of his life. Then, he entered the “The DJ academy – Sri Lanka” & “Hit Factory Audio Institute (HFAI)” to his further studies in DJ & audio engineering in 2019-2020. Initially, he kick out his studio under the names “RCDS RCRDNGS”, “CH3NUK4”, “CH3NUK4 RCRDNGS”. In the end, he partially left the bedroom producer and renamed his studio as “AirXone Musik”. He did his recordings and etc, under the “AirXone Musik record label”. (2019-2020)

In his artistry, he uses his logo and the gray hoodie to shows off his identity.! His logo has been in existence since its inception in 2018 and has been redesigned for three parts. His first logo will mark his first debut year (2018) and his second logo will show his second year. Over time, he wanted to rebuild his second offering. So he created his third and now final Reformed logo in December 2019 to represent the year 2020. He has only created the mark in his first and second editions, and in the third new edition, he has only done the original and basic edits of the bid. Two of his friends were also involved in the final simple stages of the operation.